FIRSTPLANET is an e-label which is looking for interesting and valuable new electronic and dance music. It takes its name from an innovative concept. FIRSTPLANET is the landing label of a prestigious record company which, like a demo pool, chooses the best tracks it receives and helps DJs and producers build their career.
A demo pool is a platform which bypasses the old system of sending songs to record companies. FIRSTPLANET is different in that it doesn’t use a voting system but uses real A&R staff.
A&R stands for ‘Artist and Repertoire’, and is the department of a record company which looks for new talent, and then develops that talent once signed to the label.
Landing Label means that the label is landing in a new musical world. The first step towards success, towards the reputation of the artist or DJ, the first contact with the A&R staff of a big record company.
FIRSTPLANET was created by a genuine talent manager, Gianfranco Bortolotti, the founder of Media Records and brands such as BXR, UMM, Noise Maker, Underground, Musicgel, Shibuya Superclub, and many other initiatives in the world of DJing and club culture.
FIRSTPLANET offers the possibility and the power to break into the enormous world of electronic music, and its infinite market, to the talented people who are looking for real success.
Land on FIRSTPLANET, join up and write your profile, and enter into contact with a world of professionals who will evaluate your work and help you to develop your career.
The FIRSTPLANET managers are constantly on the move, all over the world, hunting for ideas, so you can find them wherever you find music: recording studios, international conferences, festivals, events and more.
Click on the site www.firstplanet.dance. Fill in the requested form and upload your song. It’s as simple as that.
FIRSTPLANET is an artistically and commercially independent e-label, which is part of the Media Records group, the record company which distributes labels such as Divergent, UMM, Heartbeat, BXR and Underground, Italo, Noise Maker and many others.
Yes, you do, in order to register yourself legally, and to protect your rights.
Two kinds of contract are offered:
The first is a master assignment contract which is filled out online with options on the follow-up
All rights under this master contract will be recognised for five years.
The second contract will be offered by a Publishing Company chosen by us, after completing the procedure for the registration of the master. This is a standard publishing contract which allows that 12/24 of the writer’s rights are ceded to the Publisher indicated by FIRSTPLANET, who will then
strive to promote and protect your rights all over the world.
‘Master assignment’ means that the master recording and all the rights arising from it become the property of FIRSTPLANET, which will continue to recognise royalty payments for the length of the contract.
It is a standard contract which ties the writer or composer of the song to the publisher who has the responsibility of promoting and protecting the rights of the song all over the world.
The staff of the A&R department of Media Records, chosen and led by Gianfranco Bortolotti.
An email address to register and one unreleased track in mp3 format.
The purpose of FIRSTPLANET is to give the possibility of growth to everyone. If your track, constantly monitored by our A&R, shows its quality, then promotional strategies could be implemented.
Share the YouTube link you will be given and create a video; this way you’ll be able to help your song get the promotion it deserves.
Send us the video file, we’ll upload it to our official channel so we can monitor it better, and optimise your work.
Remember that videos double the interest and the chance of promoting your track.
Our design team will take care of the covers. All promotional material will be charged to you. If you don’t have a video we will produce a ‘teaser’ to gain access to YouTube, which is also in your interest.
Certainly. You will receive a royalty payment of 25% on all rights accrued.
Absolutely nothing: signing up with us is completely free. If we decide to promote your song, we will take the costs of web-PR, press releases, etc from your royalties.
Of course. But you will have to achieve a relatively high level and become part of the artistic line-up of the relative label’s A&R.
Above all it means that you have talent. Let’s imagine that your song reaches 500,000 views on YouTube. Almost certainly one of our A&R people will contact you to transfer your song to our main label. Therefore you will become one of our Top DJs or Top Artists and will be promoted like a star DJ. You will sign a Management contract which will guarantee performances of international importance.
No. But if you are a minor the contract must be signed by your legal tutor.
No. But if you become a professional because of your musical ability, you will have to have a fiscal code according to the laws of the country where you are resident.
Yes. But if you aren’t already we can help you look after your rights. We will send you an e-mail which will guide you through the procedure of joining an International Collecting Agency.
Yes. But you will have to respect the option on the artist’s name. We strongly suggest you don’t choose this option, as it would limit the investment project set up on your behalf by FIRSTPLANET.
FIRSTPLANET is an e-label, and as such is completely based in the cloud. It works on its own servers and on a proprietary platform with premium technology which will be on air in the new season.
It will be on sale in all the most important digital stores.
Certainly, if you have the talent, the care, the passion and the discipline, you have a very good chance of making it; FIRSTPLANET connects with the whole music industry worldwide.
No. But it has contacts with the most important management companies in the world.
No. But it has contacts with the most important booking agencies in the world.
Everything you propose will be checked by our A&R staff. We are not interested in remixes, mixes (DJ sets, radio shows etc), mash-ups or bootlegs. And not even grooves or obsessive bases masquerading as finished songs.
There are no limits.
We have two hashtags: #firstplanet and #firstplanetlabel.

If you can’t find the answers you want, or you have more specific questions to ask us, please use the contact section on this site to get in touch with us.